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Nasa TV Live is a gadget that will allow you to watch the NASA TV stream, live, from the comfort your desktop. It uses a smart recorder to record the stream when it is unavailable. It also offers the possibility to watch the stream as it is broadcasted, even when your recorder is offline.
This app has been created as a tool to provide NASA TV in all types of media formats and is able to work on all platforms like Android, Desktop, and Web. The app gives the opportunity to view the stream in its original broadcasted format. It includes a smart recorder which will record the stream when the stream is unavailable and will continue to record the broadcasted stream when the media is offline.

NASA TV Stream recorder online

Nasa TV Live app for android

Nasa TV Live for android download

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Nasa TV Live for desktop


New NASA TV Live app is here!
NASA TV is a great option if you would like to watch the best space channel from NASA.
It is totally free and all you need is to add the application to your phone to watch it, but it has some advantages over other apps for watching the channel, like the option to have it automatically record when the channel is off.
How to install the app:
You can download and install the application by simply clicking on the “play” button, so you are directly sent to the application’s website, where you will be able to download the app from the “app store” in your phone. If you do not have the “app store” installed on your phone, please search it in google.
Nasa TV Live working and other tips:
– The app can automatically record the stream when the channel is off, but it will not record when the stream is available.
– When it records the stream it will start recording immediately so it will never miss the best moments of the channel.
– It also provides the possibility to watch the stream as it is broadcasted, even when your recorder is offline, so you will always have the latest news regarding the space exploration.

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NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc

NASA TV live stream for pc eea19f52d2


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