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Create and download up to 20 custom macros to automate your tasks.
– The “System” Macro to retrieve the MAC address from any available ethernet card.
– The “Internet” Macro to open the web browser with a single click.
– The “Mail” Macro to send an e-mail with a single click.
– The “Startmenu” Macro to open any executable in the start menu.
– The “Taskmanager” Macro to display system task manager.
– The “Analizer” Macro to analyze windows.
– The “Mediaplayer” Macro to open the default mediaplayer.
– The “Shell” Macro to open the command prompt.
– The “Extractor” Macro to extract audio or video.
– The “Split” Macro to split a single audio or video file into several.
– The “Join” Macro to join audio or video files into one.
– The “Converter” Macro to convert between any audio or video format.
– The “EXTRACT” Macro to extract from any DVD/BD.
– The “CUE” Macro to create a CUE sheet from any DVD/BD.
– The “Tuner” Macro to change the output frequency of any media player.
– The “Recorder” Macro to record audio.
– The “Player” Macro to play audio.
– The “Compressor” Macro to compress audio.
– The “Demux” Macro to demux and compress audio.
– The “Scrrenshooter” Macro to screen shot any full screen window.
– The “Stardump” Macro to starDump any application.
– The “Ringtone” Macro to create any ring tone.
– The “Timer” Macro to create any timer.
– The “Wavcomp” Macro to compress audio into WAV.
– The “Excel” Macro to create any text document.
– The “Cc” Macro to copy files.
– The “Calc” Macro to calculate the days.
– The “Volume” Macro to adjust the volume of any audio.
– The “Mixed” Macro to mix audio or video.
– The “Favorites” Macro to put shortcuts to any folder or application.
– The “Update” Macro to update the software to the latest version.
– The “Help” Macro to access Help files.
– The “About” Macro 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO allows you to quickly change active window to another window. This utility automatically records your keystrokes on any Windows application and uploads them to a server on demand.
KeyMACRO can monitor any Windows application for any keyboard shortcut and record the keystrokes into a log file. The user can also upload the logs at any time into a remote server for archiving and analysis.
KeyMACRO is lightweight, easy to use and it will not effect the performance of your system. It is a complete web based automation utility that can be easily installed and configured on any Windows computer.
KeyMACRO can also capture all the letters, numbers, and punctuation from any Windows application. This captures those letters for further processing. KeyMACRO will help a user automatically to write down their long series of comments into a file or database, even when the user is working on any other application or window at the same time.
KeyMACRO can be used to record any of the following functions in Windows, including:
1. Change the title of the active window
2. Change the active application to another application
3. Start new process
4. Open a file in any application
5. Run any windows function (such as CD, Eject, File Search, Exit etc)
It can be used to start any application, to run any windows command, to start any program or any window or to change the icon of any process into a specified picture.
KeyMACRO supports the following features:
– Supports all Windows versions, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
– Hotkeys will be automatically recorded in the server. No need to login into KeyMACRO site anymore.
– Support all popular browsers.
– Multiple languages supported
– You can configure key macro name, key combination and hotkey to record.
– Plug-in support
– Supports Autosave.
– Support Alias.
– Supports User Defined Function
– Supports Cookie Handling
KeyMACRO is the combination of several small components that can be used together to change the active window to another application.
KeyMACRO Features:
– Quickly change the active window into other application.
– Support hotkeys to quickly change active window to another.
– Efficient and light-weight.
– Can be used to save your time and can greatly improve productivity.
– Very easy to use, even a novice user can do it.
– Very flexible, you can configure

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