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Somora is a clean and contemporary writing style, and will quickly become your new favourite font. With a playful visual, you will fall in love with it straight away.
Available in various bolded and italic weights, Somora also comes in small caps, alternate character sets and a number of other useful features.
Somora also comes in two different languages (English and French) and a selection of special characters for use in word processing and other documents.
Somora also comes in two separate styles, one for numerical material and one for display text.
This great font has also been created for use as a webfont and will look great on your web pages.

If you want to share you WIX homepage, then you will definitely need to use your homepage link on your WIX website. But what is the WIX homepage link, and why would I need it?
Like every other website in this modern era, our WIX website will also have a homepage. And this homepage can be used by anyone who visits our website.
It is designed to show the most important information to the users who visit our website.
If someone visits your website for the first time, then they will land on your homepage.
After that, your visitor may go to some other page of your website. Or they may go away from your website without visiting any page of your website.
So, the homepage should be a unique page of your website that will attract visitors and retain visitors for long.
If you are still looking for a way to create a WIX website with a homepage link, then you will find a good solution in this article.

HotLinks – The hotlink is a link on your homepage. This hotlink is the link that someone will click on in order to visit some other page of your website.
Hotlinks are very important to your website. For you to be able to have a successful website, then you must optimize your website to be a hotlink.
To help you optimize your website for hotlinks, we have created a free tool that will enable you to create a hotlink for your website.

Google Display Network:
The google display network is a great tool that allows you to promote your website by using AdSense. This allows you to promote your website using a different advertising platform than you have used before.
Google display network lets you place banner advertisements on other websites. This means that you can create a page with banner ads and link that to eea19f52d2


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Lyx 0.11

The program will allow you to create the design of catalogs, magazines, and brochures by means of the page, flyer and folder. You can create the layout of the form, you can set various sizes and various designs for printing. All this for the purpose of creating the graphics and text. Lyx 0.11 has new features, namely increased speed and possibilities of use. Lyx 0.11 is a full-fledged application with an extended list of options and all the possibilities to help you.
What’s new in version 0.11
-New interface, which provides the possibility of using a single application to create flyers, menus, data sheets, brochures, catalogs, etc.
-Speed in the creation of forms: now the maximum speed of creation of graphics was increased by 4 times.
-Introducing a group of plugins, which provide you with additional opportunities to create.
-You can export to HTML or HTML from TXT, PDF, or Flash.
-The addition of features that support the export to Flash from PDF.
-You can create the form of the document in the PDF format.
-The list of the usage of the program.
-The user is offered the possibility to turn on the help on the program.
Download Lyx 0.11
The Lyx 0.11 download is available only from our website: program download.

Geluck – an easy solution for Microsoft PowerPoint

Geluck is a pretty cool utility that helps you create funny and stylish presentation slides. If you are looking for a PowerPoint like effect, you need to try this new PowerPoint add-in. It’s the easiest way to create PowerPoint presentations with a professional look.
The Geluck add-in takes a PowerPoint template and adds some simple text and graphics to it. In a matter of minutes, you will get a cool and creative presentation that will inspire you, your team and your clients.
Geluck is free. You can download it here:


How to design a website | Use AWeber and BuildIt’s Easy

How to design a website | Use AWeber and BuildIt’s Easy

How to design a website | Use AWeber and BuildIt’s Easy