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1. This is a 3D, Java program, written in java.
2. The application takes one or more double length and width values as parameters for the simulation.
3. The default parameters for the simulation are 1000 stars of length 0.05 and width 0.01
4. You can set the number of stars, the position of the stars, and the length and width of the simulation, which has the effect of making a larger simulation or a smaller simulation
5. The stars start on a plane perpendicular to the x axis, randomly distributed between 0 and 10000 in the x direction, and between 0 and 50000 in the y direction
6. The stars rotate in the direction of their motion in the plane, with the stars on the same side of the y axis rotating in opposite directions
7. The stars stay on their rotation axis and do not rotate about the x axis
8. When the simulation ends the stars are displayed in a window
9. When the simulation is over, the application calls for a movie (which is much slower than the simulation itself, but takes a screenshot, and writes the result to the application’s user directory)
10. There is an option for the application to display the simulation in gif format
11. The application is portable, and works with the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems

And finally, the program:

1. The application is made available in the download archive for you to run or view (it’s just a jar file)
2. The source code is available in an archive for you to view (you’ll need to compile using the command line compiler gcj, with the option -source-path to specify where to find the source file (the default is./source))
3. The code is written in Java, and the javac command is the way to compile and use the code
4. A compiled application should have a command like:
javac -source-path./source -class-path -d

…and you can use the command like:
java -jar [OPTION…]

5. The Galaxy Simulator application was written by Robert M. Haines, with help from John Graham and Eric Schiappa.
6. The Galaxy Simulator is a free, distributed program released under the GNU General Public License
7. Copyright of this program eea19f52d2

Wox is a multi-purpose desktop utility that makes it possible to launch programs, locations and websites from the Windows 7 taskbar. This way, you can use your computer as a reliable and handy launcher tool.
Wox is developed by Cwi. You can check the project website at:
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Key Features

Multi-purpose launcher that allows you to access a variety of items
Easy to use interface that integrates straightforward functions, packs a useful configuration menu and a plugin manager
Wox also has a built-in video player that can play video files, both from local and remote locations, and contains a variety of pre-installed, useful plugins

System Requirements

It is possible to launch Wox from a variety of different locations, including application menu, the Windows 7 desktop or the Windows 7 taskbar.
Wox also works when launched from the Windows 7 Start button. To do so, you need to access its configuration menu, find the Hotkeys tab and enable the appropriate function.

On Windows 10, Wox also works when launched from the Windows 10 taskbar. You need to access its configuration menu and then activate the taskbar hotkey.
As for Windows 7, it works only when launched from the Windows 7 taskbar.

While Wox is able to integrate the Everything application, it will have no effect on items launched from the Windows 7 desktop.

Some of the plugins require a plugin manager component. This component can be downloaded from the Wox website and installed into the appropriate folder. You can also install the necessary plugins directly from the configuration menu.

Here are the technical parameters of Wox:




Package name


Main executable



Wox logo


Wox size

13.0 Mb

License type


Wox License Summary

The trial version of Wox is fully functional, yet limited to 3 launches and 30 minutes of usage per day.
You can download the full version from the Wox website without any restrictions.

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