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ChangeUnits is an Excel add-in that enables you to perform a wide array of conversions between almost any type of measurement units. It provides a set of very handy tools that greatly simplify these conversions:
Easily set and change units.
You can easily change the measurement units throughout the document and have the result automatically updated.
Easily define multiple input cells to define the range of measurement units.
The range of units used can be easily defined by specifying multiple input cells. This allows you to easily perform conversions between different types of units.
Easily repeat the calculation with the same result.
The add-in provides a function button that can be used to perform the same calculation with the same result. This option saves a great deal of time and makes it easier for you to perform calculations when you need to.
Easily set and change measurement units.
The user interface can be easily customized and it lets you easily create a new user interface for your own Excel spreadsheet.
The software is very easy to use and it requires no training to operate.
ChangeUnits is free and you can easily download it from the homepage.

Considerations when purchasing

Try before you buy

The change units Excel add-in can be purchased and downloaded from the ChangeUnits homepage. Once you have downloaded the Excel add-in and run the setup program, you will be asked if you want to purchase the package.
You can decide to purchase the tool by choosing to pay for it or you can decide to download it for free. If you choose to purchase the tool, you will get a license key that allows you to use the ChangeUnits add-in for a trial period. You will not be asked to purchase the tool if you decide to download the add-in for free.

Community support

File issues and ask questions

If you have a question about ChangeUnits or you want to share your experience with the product, you can visit the ChangeUnits support forum. The forum hosts discussions and also provides valuable help for questions that you may have with the product. The ChangeUnits community members can be contacted via the email address

Changelog for ChangeUnits 2.0


– Added new ChangeUnits manager and UI.
– Added the ability to change the units from a cell with a function.
– Added the ability to define multiple input cells to specify eea19f52d2

Walmart Export Plugin for Lightroom is a useful software utility aimed mainly at professional photographers and other graphic artists who rely on Adobe Lightroom for editing their pictures, then print them out using the Walmart Digital Photo Service, in the United States.
As the name suggests, the tool requires Lightroom to be installed on the host system, supporting all versions starting from 2 and higher. This makes it accessible to users who have not yet made the upgrade to the latest issues of the editor.
Moreover, since it comes in the shape of a simple executable, the installation process is quite straightforward and intuitive, thus limiting the level of difficulty for users and enabling them to start working with it soon after.
Evidently, a valid account with the Walmart Digital Photo Service is also necessary, as users will need to provide the username and password for it, as well as authorize the plugin on the service’s website, so it can perform the tasks without interruption.
The main two tasks that this plugin is capable of performing consist of export and publishing operations, the latter however applying only to Adobe Lightroom 3 and upward. In addition, it offers several configurable options for each of the two tasks, so users can export the source files under precise specifications.
Once the source files have been selected, users can upload them to an existing album, or they can set up a new one. The display order and sorting preferences can also be customized. Should same-named files be encountered, users can opt for one of several different overwriting options.
Walmart Export Plugin for Lightroom (USA) Screenshots:

Walmart Export Plugin for Lightroom (USA) Details:

The plugin works with Lightroom 2 and higher, in all the currently available versions.
The installation process is quite straightforward, but users should be sure to obtain the latest version of the application.

Hi All,Thanks for your review. Walmart export has been developed for Lightroom 2.x and higher. So we were trying to provide users with a solution that works with Lightroom 2.x and higher versions.We would like to add that we are also working on a web page version of the application for Lightroom. We do want to support Lightroom 2.x for Lightroom. But we need to make a couple of improvements.

Hi All,Thanks for your review. Walmart export has been developed for Lightroom 2.x and higher. So we were trying to provide users with a solution that works with Lightroom 2