Java’s KEYMACRO processor instruction can be used to create secure passwords, or to create symmetric or public key algorithms. It is possible to create a secure symmetric or public key algorithm, a key-derivation function, or a hashing algorithm with a simple KEYMACRO statement.
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Java Hotspot Memory Statistics
This paper describes the hotspot-generated memory statistics for the most recent generation of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) implementations. Hotspot-generated memory statistics give insight into the performance of the Java runtime environment (JRE), including the Java virtual machine (JVM).
Keywords: Hotspot, Memory, Sizes, Statistics, StatisticsReport


Java Internationalization (J2SE 5.0)
Java Internationalization (J2SE 5.0) is a web of related APIs that provide a uniform mechanism for retrieving and displaying messages in different languages. A JVM implementation may provide built-in support for internationalization, which allows Java code to display a message in a specific language. Alternatively, an application may load an external JVM-independent resource bundle, such as a Unicode resource bundle, for displaying messages in the user’s language. This paper describes the support for internationalization that is provided in the latest Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) versions.
Keywords: Java SE, Unicode


Jre project overview
As a developer, you may want to target a Java SE compliant application that runs on any modern client computer running the Java runtime, be it a notebook, desktop, or even embedded Java runtime environment.
This project presents the technical overview of the Java SE runtime environment for embedded Java and provides a set of technologies and facilities for development and deployment of embedded Java applications.
The project also provides a reference implementation of the Java SE Embedded Runtime Environment (JSR-172) technology for Java SE 5 and higher platforms.
Keywords: JSR-172, Embedded


KeyStore Configuration, KeyManager and KeyEntry in Java SE 8
This post explains how KeyStore configuration works, what are KeyManager and KeyEntry in KeyStore, how KeyStore 384a16bd22

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