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Add additional binary data to a file or to a NBT tree by using a custom game.
The original Minecraft binaries are not compatible with the latest version of Bedrock and/or Anvil, which are required for the latest Minecraft versions. The workaround is to create a ZIP file with the contents of the downloaded Minecraft executable.

Note: This tool is designed for the original Minecraft version, not for the Bedrock or Anvil version.

Allows to edit the Minecraft binary files to create a zip file with the original data. Note that the binary data of this zip file must be shared for the online patch to work.

Cyotek Data Structure Editor – NBT

Cyotek NBT Editor has the ability to read and write NBT files in the same way as the original game. However, instead of the default provided data structure, it allows the user to define a custom data structure. This data structure is stored in a file called a configuration file. This file is a serialized (as.dcs file) Java object.
Once this file has been created, Cyotek NBT Editor can then be used to edit this data structure and add, update or delete it from any NBT file.

All changes can be seen in real-time while editing the structure file. The file is not saved permanently. All it does is load the changes made to the structure into the next NBT file that is edited. Changes can be made to the configuration file, and if the changes are successfully saved into the file, the original file will be overwritten and will no longer exist.

See also
List of NBT parsers and serializers


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Official Cyotek Website

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• Supports both decimal and hexadecimal calculations (and also hex / binary)
• Automatic detection of calculations to be made
• Ability to choose between Dword, Qword, Byte, and Word (8/16/32bit)
• Shows both the current value entered in the input field and the converted value
• Saving the results automatically in a separate window
• Saving the entered values in a separate window
• Searching function to find the already entered value in the database
• Full information on all the functions of the application
• Ability to copy to clipboard the entered or saved values
• Shows the precision of the result
• Shows the value of the decimal/binary/hexadecimal format
• Defined page format
• All numbers are automatically displayed with scientific notation
• Printing function
• Allows the addition of percentages (not only the division)
• Various skins and skins themes
• Ability to set the size of the result window (only when in a new window)
• Ability to add a logo (included for free)
• English and Spanish localizations
• Compatibility with Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8
• Ability to convert between the values ​​of the base 2, 10 and 16
• Auto conversion between decimal, binary and hexadecimal values
• Auto detection of the base of the value to be converted
• Auto detection of decimal, binary and hexadecimal values
• Ability to enter a value in the user’s selected format
• Supports transparent background and dark mode (optional)
• Ability to automatically save the last used conversion
• Ability to apply bold and italic font
• Ability to apply text underline
• Change the background color (optional)
• Printing function
• Multiple skins
• Ability to change the color of the buttons
• Option to view the results in a tabbed window
• All buttons have a clear color
• Ability to define the size of the result window (only when in a new window)
• Many and varied skins
• Ability to set the background
• Ability to add a logo (included for free)
• Keyboard macro
• Option to enter a new value in the current format
• Option to automatically save the last used conversion
• Shows the result in a new window
• Ability to change the color of the input field
• Ability to view the result in a tabbed window
• Can display the result in a new window

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