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myJabberIM performs a real time analysis of the keystrokes, to detect the presence of specific keywords (command words, macros, and phrases) in order to provide a highly accurate feedback, even when the user uses multiple languages.
myJabberIM uses different combinations of keywords (or macros) to:
■ perform instant notification of presence, availability, location and online status
■ permit users to implement and customize a personal greeting
■ trigger presence changes
■ enable the use of Jabber to respond to incoming messages or to place calls
■ serve as a proxy server (check your e-mail and enable presence updates).
It is in two parts:
* Client Application: myJabberIM is an application that you can download and install on any computer. The application communicates with the Jabber server.
* Server Application: myJabberIM (a Jabber server) is the core of the application and is installed on a Jabber server. myJabberIM listens for connections on the port and forwards messages to Jabber clients.
■ demo of myJabberIM
■ MACRO example
■ see history and messages
■ see the usage of “xhtml” for message exchange
■ your feedback is important
■ contact us
What is this new thing called the cloud?
Why do you need a cloud?
There are a number of reasons a “cloud” is desirable:
* No need to buy a server
* No need to install software
* No need to configure
* Availability
* Performance
How is this different from the internet?
You can connect to the internet at almost any time from any place in the world.
You can work from anywhere in the world by connecting to your computer (or, through a virtual private network) over the internet.
The web is accessible from any computer with a web browser.
The “cloud” provides similar services, but is a unified and managed service.
You can access your email, database, and other services on any Internet connected computer.
What are the advantages of using the cloud?
* You have instant access to data you store on other computers (sometimes called “in the cloud”)
* Availability is increased since the server can be located in many places
* You can access your data from any Internet connected computer
* Your data are in a secure environment 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a plug-in for use in Cubase and other sequencing software. It allows you to assign a key to any chord, even if you don’t know how to read music!

It is a completely standalone software product that does not rely on third party libraries or software.
Keymacro can also be used as a stand-alone command line application for controlling your hardware or software instruments.
This sounds great on your MAC or PC, and it works on all flavors of Windows and Mac OS X.
– Real time arpeggiator that plays chords on a MIDI keyboard
– Works with any DAW and all sequencers.
– Allows you to map any chord to any MIDI note
– You can modify the octave range
– Auto loop mode
– You can create your own chords and assign them to any MIDI notes
– Dedicated presets for each type of chords and patterns, you can use them as your own sound bank
– Can be used as a standalone application with a remote control
– MIDI Channel 1 through 12
– 24 preset patterns (24 different chords)
– No user interface, just press a chord and play
– Offers a complete workflow: Arpeggiator, sequencer, and audio output
– Robust for both MAC and PC
– MIDI for OS X: You can download a MIDI for OS X here:

The CDCCode VST is a 3D visualisation and MIDI controller software plugin for Virtual Studio Technology. It provides a complete instrument model of the CDCCode, as well as a virtual keyboard, a sequencer and two spectrogram visualisers.

The CDCCode VST is a 3D visualisation and MIDI controller software plugin for Virtual Studio Technology. It provides a complete instrument model of the CDCCode, as well as a virtual keyboard, a sequencer and two spectrogram visualisers.

VST Ropeladder is a virtual guitar pedal that simulates an analog classic MIDI Ropeladder.
– Virtual pedal is completely virtual and has an internal model and graphic representation
– You can adjust the balance, CV parameters, response curve, and filter for each of the 5 voices
– You can assign any MIDI channel to any pedal or select a specific MIDI channel


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